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SPINACH! - The wonderous green leaf

You may not know but Spinach is an abundant source of folate which is an essential B vitamin found in foods. It helps with the production of DNA and without folate new, healthy DNA cannot be created.

DNA damage is BIG contributor to aging and premature aging.

More recently in a scientific study it has been shown to play a role in protecting telomeres, which are very important structures at the end of chromosomes that are shortened with age and lifestyle choices. Shorter telomeres are associated with shorter lifespans and higher likelihood of diseases.

Folate is one of the first nutrients to be destroyed in the cooking process of commercial dog foods. But not in our foods!!

In addition to its multitude of vitamins and minerals, spinach provides antioxidants which are linked with anti-inflammatory properties and immune boosting properties also. The also provide flavonoids which have been shown to reduce the risk of cancer, as well as slow its growth and spread.

Scientists have found that dogs that are fed leafy vegetables at least 3 times a week had an 88% reduction in their risk of developing bladder cancer.

The best way to prepare spinach for your dogs is by roughly chopping it up and steaming it or mixing in their food raw. You can even blend it up with some water or Greek Yogurt to make Spinach Ice cubes! Great as a little snack or Summer treat.

Boiling the leaves reduced the Vitamin B by nearly half

Cooking reduces the Vitamin E levels

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