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Barn Hunt is coming to KENT!

Watch this page for dates on upcoming workshops,

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Barn Hunt is fun for both dog and owner as they need to work together, as a team to complete the course and find the RAT!

Using their natural instincts your dog will search for the rat in specially made tubes hidden in amongst a course of straw bales. The handler must read the dogs body language and cues to then correctly identify whether the dog has found the correct tube within the time frame. 

*We do NOT use live rats and our rats are sustainably sourced from reputable food suppliers for reptiles. The dog and handler NEVER come into contact with the RAT

*XL Bullies can still come and play but when not in the course must wear their muzzle and must also show proof of insurance

Come and Join the HUNT!

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What they will need to do!

When you first join us for a workshop your first Run will be something called an Instinct Run. So they are asked to sniff the Rat tube and then the tube is put in the cradle next to 2 other tubes, one with nothing in, second with a bit of the scent on sawdust, the third is the rat. This will help you to learn what their indicator will be and reward them when they find the correct tube.

The subsequent Runs will have the Tubes hidden amongst the course, first nice and easy and reasonably easy to spot with their vision, then it gets increasingly harder and they must rely on their nose to locate the correct tube.

You and your dog will enjoy 5/6 runs depending on the time we have and this includes your Instinct run when you do a workshop.

Did you know that you can earn Titles and compete in Barn Hunt! American Kennel Club and UK Kennel Club recognise these competitions and titles, so why not start competing!!

Who can Hunt?

As this sport only really requires a working nose it is pretty open to all breeds of all ages and disabilities.

My Border Collie, Nyx, is 12 yrs old, has arthritis and is partially sighted amongst a ever growing list of problems and he was still able to join in and have a blast finding the rats.

3 legged dogs have even tried and succeeded in events, so if you have a dog that is willing I am sure we can find a way to make this work for you. 

If you want to try but your dog has specific needs or issues please get in contact before booking onto a course just to make sure it is something we can accommodate

Next dates for Workshops:
2nd June
20th July



Book onto an Upcoming Workshop

If you have any questions about the workshop or not sure whether your dog can partake please contact me first before booking

Next dates for Workshops:
2nd June
20th July



Where you will be going...

Kent Event Centre
Kent Showground,
Detling, Maidstone, Kent
ME14 3JF


Canine Paws Academy Ltd

Mockbeggar Farm

Town Rd

Cliffe Woods



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Classes are run every 2 weeks.

13th June
27th June

Please using the BOOK button above to see what timings and spaces are available

These are dedicated classes, run at the Canine Paws Academy in Cliffe Woods, with an express interest in developing specific skills.  As your dog dives into the world of Barn Hunt certain skills need to be honed and nurtured in order for you to get the best from your dog and be able to work effectively as a team. 
Skills such as:
- Climbing on Bales
- Doing the Tunnels in whatever form they come
- Using that nose and working the course to find those rats

We will also be introducing new games such as the Line Drive and Instinct Hurdles to really boost those skills and make Barn Hunt as fun as possible for you both!

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Our Story

I am always looking for new things to do with my dogs that makes them happy and keeps them challenged. As an owner of working breeds I feel it is important to keep them stimulated and tested as that is something they were bred for. When we came across Barn Hunt I just knew this was for us, we have tried Agility, Flyball, Obedience but none of those really stuck and I could see Koda (my Australian Shepherd) was only doing it for me. Agility was something Nyx (my Border Collie) absolutely loved but as he gets older it isn't something he can continue, we tried Hooper's for him but with his failing eyesight he couldn't see the Hoops! 

Now I have always done scent work games with my dogs as I love seeing them work it is also incredible enrichment and very stimulating!

Did you know? That 20 minutes of sniffing is equivalent to like an hours walk in terms of mental stimulation! It wears them out completely and they love doing it!

So when we were able to join in on a Workshop I was very excited to see how my boys did, Koda took straight to it and loved every minute he was in the course hunting. Nyx took a little longer to settle due to his eyesight mainly as everything was new and all one colour!

By the end of the session they both were finding those Rats like pros and I came away super excited to continue on and do more with them. So here we are!


I am now your official Barn Hunt Trainer for KENT!


About Barn Hunt

Are you looking for a new, fun activity you can do with your dog? Then Barn Hunt is for you!

Barn Hunt takes place in a fully fenced ring full of straw bales, which they can climb on, go through tunnels and obstacles whilst using their noses to sniff out the tubes. In the UK the tubes contain a dead rat. Our rats are sourced through reputable reptile frozen food suppliers.

The rats are hidden in specially made tubes with multiple small holes that allow the scent out so your dog can find it; the dog never comes into contact with the rat as the tubes are securely sealed only allowing the scent to escape; the dog cannot see into the tubes and neither can you. Our rats do not smell, they are removed from the freezer prior to the event and used for that day only. It is important to know that rats are not killed for the purpose of Barn Hunt, they are from a reputable reptile food supplier.

Barn Hunt is a privately registered sport, created by Robin Nutall in the US. It is the fastest growing canine sport, expanding from the US to Canada, then Norway and now the UK. Barn Hunt UK are the sole UK license holder.

Barn Hunt is an inclusive sport for ALL dogs, we see all breeds and cross breeds, it is open to older dogs and dogs with disabilities (i.e 3 legged dog, deaf dog). All dogs do nose work and Barn Hunt allows your dog to use those natural instincts. It is fun but also tests speed, agility, hunting instincts and the handlers ability to read cues and signals so that you work as a team in the ring. The handler can observe their dog without running around, it’s open to all handlers as well!

The great thing about Barn Hunt is that there are many levels working towards titles: RATI (Instinct), RATN (Novice), RATO (Open), RATS (Senior), RATM (Master), RATCH (Champion), REMX (Barn Hunt Elite).

To complete in Barn Hunt trials for titles a dog must be registered with Barn Hunt Association, please see our Nationwide Page for full details on how to register.

To attend workshops, open days and fun tests a dog does not require a registration number, however runs do not count towards titles when entering workshops, open days and fun tests.

Anna L

What a brilliant activity to do with your dog. It is so great as all ages can enjoy and have a go as it is low impact on the dogs joints and mental stimulation is so important for dogs! Iv done it both with my 2yr old and 11yr old golden retrievers and they have both loved it and were knackered afterwards.. tired dogs = content dogs! Would highly recommend!

Sally H

My dog has quite a few health issues and to say I was apprehensive about doing this Barn Hunt was probably an understatement but the people at the event were amazing, totally put me at ease and gave me plenty of time to get my dog comfortable - will be doing it again! 

Tina B

Amazing! I loved every minute of it! So did my dog! Cant wait for the next one


My small but bold little terrier has always got his nose to the floor so I knew this would be perfect for him. I didn't quite realise how much he would love it!

Find your photos from our workshops!


Official KENT BARN HUNT T-shirts!

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