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Why choose our dog food?

After reviewing so many BAD foods I have decided to provide you with what I feel is the RIGHT option for your dog!

Meat, Fish, Offal, Fruits and Vegetables all make up the ultimate diet for your dog. For them to be healthy and thrive they need a whole host of vitamins and minerals which have been lovingly cooked into these convenient recipes. 

Providing recipes that are Grain FREE is a must have to ensure that your dog is getting all the nutrition they need from what counts.

Image by Alexander Kovacs

More recipes to be added soon!

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How is the food made?

Using State-of-the-Art technologies the best foods can be created

Ingredients are gently mixed together and ''folded'' with steam. This helps preserve the digestibility of proteins and the survival of the natural vitamins and minerals within the food. Using this method we have the ability to produce dry foods and treats with up to 70 per cent fresh meat. The biscuits are then further improved by being individually coated in the fats and oils of the meat making things even tastier for your dog!

Image by Elevate