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Why switch to Flawless Paws Pet Food?

Okay, so you have been feeding your dog the same food for a long time now, she/he eats it, doesn't seem to have any bowel issues.

So I will ask you 1 question - what is the first ingredient listed on the back of the dog food? (check the ingredients list)

Is it Rice?

Is it Maize?

Is it Corn?

Or some other filler that these companies only put into the dog food to make your dog feel full and has NO nutritional benefit to your dog whatsoever? Yes, that's right NO nutritional benefit.

Other companies will also put colours and additives in your dogs food to give the ''indication'' of vegetables. Such as using a green colour for peas or an orange for carrots.

Flawless Paws Pet Food is a better choice because its first ingredient is meat and with a high percentage.

The following ingredients are vegetables, probiotics, omega-3 oil and other supplements for developing puppies or older dogs. All the GOOD stuff and NONE of the nasties.

If your dog will be eating the same food for the rest of his/her days then you need to ensure it is a good quality food that will be doing the best for your dog in turn. Good nutrition leads to healthy dogs that are less likely to need trips to the vet, can deal with infections easier and are more mobile due to the daily intake of supplements.

Feeding your dog a bad diet can lead to various internal problems from stomach/bowel issues, teeth/dental problems, skin and fur issues and as your dog gets older joint aches and pains even quick cognitive decline.

I want to provide your dogs with the excellent nutrition they need through their life and keep them happy and healthy!

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