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Snuffle Toys NOW Available

Have you ever thought there was a better way your dog could eat their dinner or have a treat that engages their brain and challenges their senses?

There is and it is the Snuffle Toy Selection.

Handmade Snuffle Balls are a great way to get your dog up and moving while they eat their dinner. A truly interactive experience which will slow down their eating habits and curb any scoffing.

Using their nose and that amazing sense of smell your dog will have to find their dinner or treats among the layers of brightly coloured fabric and then once they have located it they will need to find a way of retrieving it either with paws, mouth, teeth or throwing the ball around and seeing what falls out.

You will find that this is a tiring experience for you dog and once they are done they may need a kip.

We also do them in the wonderful Snuffle Snake variety and from using both of these toys on my dogs we have found the snake to be slightly easier.

These Snuffle Toys come in various sizes and lots of colours so it can match your dog or make it look as funky as possible.

These are machine washable at 30 degrees so you can keep it clean and smelling nice after a few uses.

We also have a range of Puzzle Feeders if you think these look a little too easy for your dog!

Take a look and don't forget to use your code - XMAS for extra discounts on checkout!

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