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Snuffle Snake

Snuffle Snake

Snuffle Snake | Interactive Dog Puzzle | Long Lasting | Treat Finding Activity 

🐾The Snuffle Snakes are for those pooches who love a challenge and find most brain games far too easy,
The body of the snake is made into a tube shape where plenty of treats or kibble can be hidden within and all the way around,

🟡Your pets Snuffle Snake will arrive wrapped with lovely paw print cellophane that is 100% recyclable including wash care instructions

🐾the snakes are nice and chunky and made tight together so that no treats are likely to drop out when placed within and can be rolled around the floor for extra work,

🐾The full length of the small and medium snuffle snake measures 60cm from the tail to the tongue with the large measuring a whopping 1m!
And the height of the small snake is 8 cm the medium and large snakes are 10cm high made with 4” super soft high quality fleece circles

🟣 GREAT SIZE FOR all dog breeds/and pups. Even small animals like rabbits and rodents!

🌟These are a new and fab way to learn you pets to use their senses to work out how to retrieve the treats/kibble and after testing the snake with my own little helpers this has been proven to last a while and keep them focused and occupied, as well as happy,🌟

🐍The snuffle snakes can be made using a choice of colour options as shown on one photo,

🔴I also advise that once the treats/kibble have all gone from the snake to lift up and put away as this is not an everyday toy or tug toy but a learning toy😊 this prevents the snake being damaged/ stretched if tugged so that treats cannot be hidden and also just so that your pets do not become bored easily of their new learning toy so that when it does re-emerge its a whole new and exciting game again

🔴please do not leave your pets unattended whilst using

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    Wash care
    These can be washed within the washing machine on a low spin 30 degree wash and then left to air dry
    I advise no wash powder/liquid or softener to be used as this deters the smell of treats and the fleece can become bobbly,
    Also place the snake within a pillow case and tie a bobble or something around so that its secure and does not have a lot of room to move around the pillow case,


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