Signs your dog is stressed - do you know them?

Signs of stress are not always obvious. Making sure you observe your dog to realise these subtle stress signals will help you recognise when your dog needs your help.

1 - Yawning

2 - Urination or Defecation

3 - Looking away or turning head to avoid eye contact

4 - Salivating

5 - Panting

6 - Nose licking

7 - Paw Lifting

8 - Turning or circling repetitively

9 - Repetitive Self grooming

10 - Pacing

11 - Showing teeth

12 - Growling

If your dog is stressed then remove them from the situation they are in (perhaps at the park and they don't like another dog) or if displaying signs at home then go to a vet for advise on what could be causing behavioural changes.

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