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The biggest dog show of 2024 has begun !

For those maybe unaware of what goes on at Crufts let me fill you in...


Heelwork to Music

Showing (Ringcraft)


Junior Handler


and soo much more from demonstrations from the Police and Golden Retriever Display group to the shear hundreds of shops in amongst the 5 halls at the NEC centre in Birmingham that it occupies.

Dogs from all over have been competing and winning their chance to compete at Crufts and a win at Crufts in your chosen field is quite an achievement.

Crufts does have quite a bit of stigma around it as it is mainly for registered pedigree dogs. So no mixed breeds (doodles, cavapoo etc) however in the sports these breeds can win their way to compete at Crufts no matter what they are.

In light of these events I will be doing a SALE!


Use it at checkout to get some money off your purchases

Good Luck to all those competing this weekend!

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