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Dog Grooming

Keeping your dog's coat in tip top condition

Full Grooming



A quick blast out of a dog's undercoat can help when the dog is moulting, recommended at least 2x a year for Double Coated breeds.


(Extra charges apply for matting, bad behaviour, fleas)


Nails can take from 5 - 10 minutes and can easily be fitted in at any time of the working day. 

£5 - £10

It is important for dogs nails to be clipped regularly.  If they get too long, they can cause pain and discomfort for the dog 

(Extra Charges apply for bad behaviour)


A quick bath and blow dry will keep your dogs coat and skin in excellent condition. Dogs that aren't bathed regularly can develop skin problems 


(prices start from)

Bath, Blast and Brush

This is ideal for those that want their dog in tip top condition but struggle with knots in between Full groom sessions.

This includes:


Blast out/dry

Brush out of the coat to detangle any knots

Prices start from £35

(Extra charges apply for matting, bad behaviour, fleas)

Dog Blower
Dog Getting Groomed

Full Groom

The Full Works for your dog!

This includes:


Blast out/Dry

Clip into chosen style (if needed)

Nails Clipped

Ears Cleaned

Teeth Cleaned (extra charges apply)

Prices start from £40

This is the best option for your dog as it includes everything your dog will need to get sorted from its' ears to its' tail. You can talk with the groomer beforehand and detail what style you want and they will do their best to recreate what you have imagined.

Check out my YouTube Videos  below for at home grooming advice and other cute videos!


WhatsApp Image 2021-09-27 at 19.05.50.jpeg

Sue and Ivy

My little hairy Maltipoo, Ivy, needs a good cut every 3 months. Alex has been her groomer for over 3 years since she was a puppy. Alex is such a polite, friendly, delightful lady and clearly LOVES dogs! All dogs! She is caring and kind, she shares her knowledge which is so helpful and she gives great advice and support on training and care via her Flawless Paws Facebook page. Ivy’s groom is great, Alex cuts her just how I ask…. and gets rid of all the knotty bits that inevitability come! It’s so nice when I pick her up, she smells and looks so good!

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-28 at 12.05.32.jpeg

Debby and Bertie

Alex is a reliable and highly competent Dog Groomer. Our Dog, Bertie, has been going to Alex for 4 years and that is every 2-3 months for the Full works. Bertie has a lovely bath, blow dry and then clipped into a very fashionable trim, nails clipped and then teeth cleaned as well. Thank you Alex!

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-27 at 19.31.19.jpeg

Mark, Fergal and Seamus

Fergal and Seamus our two golden doodles have been going to Alex for the last five years.  She is really professional and knows our dogs well. She takes the time to ensure they are spoiled and have fun whilst having their hair cut!  We simply wouldn’t go anywhere else!

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