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Given that dogs have such acute hearing, unexpected noises like fireworks can cause them a great deal of pain an anxiety. But there are things you can do to support your canine companion.

How can I tell if my dog fears fireworks?

Some dogs may exhibit blatant signals of fear, such as:

- Hiding

- Attempting to escape

- Toileting routine changes

- Vocalisations

Others might exhibit softer indications, such as:

- Being a bit clingy

- Not wanting to eat

- Pacing

- Licking lips

- Excessive saliva

- Body shaking

Consult your veterinarian well before the start of the fireworks season if your dog is displaying signs of being scared of fireworks or loud noises. They can determine if your dog's aversion to noises is caused by any underlying medical conditions.

Your veterinarian may also suggest a qualified behaviourist who can design a personalised support system for you and your dog.

Getting ready for fireworks

Give your canine a secure area.

You can help your dog feel safe and comfortable by building a dog den. They can retreat there and feel secure in the knowledge that nobody will bother them. They will be able to retire to their den to feel safe if they hear a frightening noise, such as fireworks.

Here's how to build a dog den that's simple to put together and can be used with items you already own:

Using the kitchen table and a few blankets and their bed simply make a fort! Drape the blankets over the table and pop their bed underneath. Secure the blankets in place with something heavy and introduce your dog to their den.

Alternatively to the kitchen table you can use a dog crate, if you have one

Or get creative!

On the nights of fireworks displays turn the volume up on your TV/radio and close your curtains to dampen the noise for them. Do not take them for evening walks when the displays may start to avoid panic and possible loss of your dog if they run away.

If your dog suffers perhaps look into Supplements which can help your dog through this period and do it naturally. We sell Relaxx (anti-anxiety) natural supplements which helps your dog better deal with stress and cope with things like fireworks that much better.

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