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Easter Holiday

Not quite the Easter Bunny you were looking for but they are so much better!

Just remember while you have all this extra chocolate in the house to make sure none of it is available or where you dog could reach. Chocolate is extremely poisonous to dogs in even the smallest of doses (dark chocolate particularly). The higher the cocoa content the more dangerous it is.

But there are some fun games you can get your dog involved with this holiday weekend!

Easter Egg hunt!

  1. Buy or make some yummy irristable treats for your dog and make sure they smell divine.

  2. Shut your dog inside and hide a few treats in sight of him

  3. Then let him out and watch him search!

  4. Take him back inside and do it again in different locations!

  5. You can do this inside or outside the house

My boys absolutely love this game and not only do they work different senses and engage a different side of their brain at the end of the game they are tired. It has mentally worn them out and they need a nap!

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