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Koda and I were at Crufts competing on Friday. Crufts is one of the biggest dog events known to dog owners and breeders alike all over the world. People and their dogs travel far and wide to get to this Show to compete against the top dogs in their breed classes.

Crufts is a 4 day event at the NEC in Birmingham. It holds the different breed classes on separate days and each breed of dog, of which there are over 200, has its own judge.

Gundogs, Working, Pastoral, Hound, Terrier and Utility and Toy are the 7 breed groups recognised by the Kennel Club that ultimately runs the Show and its events throughout the weekend.

24,000 dogs have been entered for 2023 Crufts all to compete in either showing, agility, Flyball, Heelwork to music or another amazing event.

This is Koda in his stall waiting to go into the ring.

Koda had stiff competition but sadly we didn't get placed this time dispite him being on top form and best behaviour.

It doesn't matter what the judges think I took the best dog home at the end of the day and he had a whale of a time having a nose about all of the treat stalls, posing for photos and being stopped for cuddles.

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