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Salmon Cookies

Salmon Cookies

Salmon cookies are a wonderful bedtime biscuit or snacko when out and about! Super healthy with only 3 ingredients!



Vitamin E

Salmon is known for being an amazing fish for humans and dogs and when added to their diet can do wonderful things. Fish oils like Omega 3 are known to aid in joint support, coat and skin health, eye and brain health as well!

Sold in 2 sizes

Medium: 20 cookies

Large: 35 cookies


    Happy, Heathy Pets

    At Flawless Paws we've sourced an enhanced range of natural based food, treats and toys that do good and taste even better to give your pet the optimal nutrition and stimulation. Keeping them fit and healthy both in body and mind.

    So you now have peace of mind that you're doing right by your pet.

    Decorative Ornaments

    Tinker, Fussy cat, 5yrs old

    Image by Andy Powell

    Otto, Springer Spaniel, 8yrs old

    Big Variety of

    Proteins for your pets

    Developed by

    VETS and nutritionists

    Tasty Food

    Irresistible to your pets

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