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Dried Bull Horns

Dried Bull Horns

Dried Bull horns vary in size from 250g to 450g - they are very large and extremely long lasting chews!

The naturally shed antler satisfies your canine's instinctive need to gnaw and chew. A blend of vitamins and minerals delivers wholesome nutrition.

Our dogs treats & chews are 100% natural air dried products - therefore each treat is unique and will vary in size, shape & colour. They contain NO preservatives, additives, colouring and  flavouring. They are also NOT COOKED so bones do not splinter.


Take into consideration the smell of most treats will not be pleasant for you. As a chemically pure products they are produced to satisfy your dog not you.


Please store in a dry non-humid environment. No refrigeration required. Keep away from direct sunlight.  Fresh water should be available at all times.


When you dog has the chew please be sure to keep an eye on them just in case.


    Happy, Heathy Pets

    At Flawless Paws we've sourced an enhanced range of natural based food, treats and toys that do good and taste even better to give your pet the optimal nutrition and stimulation. Keeping them fit and healthy both in body and mind.

    So you now have peace of mind that you're doing right by your pet.

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