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Do you Know what is in your Dogs Food?

Do you Know what is in your Dogs Food?

This book is for dog owners wanting to know more about what they are feeding their dog!
Canine food companies are amazing sales people and employ great tactics in order to get you to buy their products, either with creative phrases like, ''juicy'', ''meaty'', ''tasty'' when actually the product is full of rubbish that brings very little nutritional value to your dog. It is incredible really to think that these multi-million dollar companies globally are selling products to you, to feed your treasured family companion, that are providing very little nutrition and in many cases are actually making your dog poorly.
Studies have shown that the health of UK dogs is in decline with diseases like, obesity, diabetes, heart conditions, liver issues and even cancer. Many of these health issues can and have been attributed to the very food they eat.
This book will guide you through the jargon on the back of a packet so you can see and understand for yourself what you are feeding your dog and are you happy doing so?
There are so many better options for dog food out there and they don't cost the earth.


    Happy, Heathy Pets

    At Flawless Paws we've sourced an enhanced range of natural based food, treats and toys that do good and taste even better to give your pet the optimal nutrition and stimulation. Keeping them fit and healthy both in body and mind.

    So you now have peace of mind that you're doing right by your pet.

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