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Custdog Ball

Custdog Ball

This ball is made of solid rubber with a soft feel. The right density saves it from getting  punctured and smaller pieces to be pinched out.   

This makes the ball perfect for active players, who love to play fetching games and enjoys a bit of chewing on her toys. The CustDog ball won't get torn, bitten to pieces, so makes it a safe and long lasting toy which will quickly become your dog's favourite. 

Weighs more than an average tennis ball and still Floats on Water.

​Throw it in the pond and it will come up to the surface so your dog can fetch it from there too.

Perfect for pool games, or even in your bathtub at home.


The weight of the ball actually contributes towards a better balance, in fact, using the same amount of energy, you can throw it on a 2-3 times longer distance compared to an average tennis ball.

CustDog balls fit launchers perfectly, so less effort form your side, more activity for your dog. Fun time guaranteed for all.  


Really practical: 

It is easy to keep your CustDog ball clean. Rinse with warm running water. Even a muddy ball can be cleaned within 70 seconds. 


Environmentally friendly:

​Keeping it Green, our ball is kind to Mother Nature. Made of toxic-free 100% natural rubber. Good for the environment and keeps your dog safe too.


Bright and vibrant Pink Colour with a Forest Green line. This makes our ball easy to spot in grass, autumn leaves. No more kneeling, crawling under bushes trying to find a camouflaged ball. 

Personalisation...You can get your dog`s name engraved on the ball.

No more toys mixed up with someone else`s. Not even if you have other folks around with CustDog balls.  
Some dogs can even be trained to identify their own balls.


Ideal for small to medium sized dogs. Large dogs would be at risk of swallowing


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