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Training Aids

Pet Corrector - 🌟 🌟 🌟

This handy little device allows you to quickly correct nuisance behaviours like barking, jumping up, nipping etc with a quick press of a button and a loud sharp spray of air.

As a dog training professional the need for this can come in quite frequently although it is used as a last resort for me and my methods. Some dogs can find the noise extremely unpleasant and it can have adverse effects if used on the wrong temperament of dog. For example I can't ever use it around my Border Collie, Nyx as he is too sensitive to noises. Koda I can use it on.

If this has been recommended to you for use on your dog please get advice on how to use properly.

Please follow the Amazon link below if you feel it something you need or it has been recommended to you by a professional

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