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Something new??

Anyone up for something new with their dogs?

I will be starting a new dog sport very soon (once I have finalised a location)

It is a 100m dash

As fast as your dog can run! A timed event and that time is converted into MPH and that is then switched into points.

Your dog gains points towards titles!

We are hoping to do classes and tournaments

All breeds are welcome

Muzzles can be worn during the event if necessary provided they give the dog ample room to pant.

Seniors won’t be running the full distance (7yrs plus) neither will youngsters (6months or younger)

You will need a couple of people to help you in this sport so if you and a friend fancy giving it a go then perhaps come together so you can help each other out!

Keeping dogs fit and active will keep them healthy and that is all I am trying to promote here, having fun with our dogs and allowing them to exhibit some natural hunting behaviours in a controlled manner.

What do you all think?? Is your dog fast enough? Fancy giving this a go?

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Definitely up for this. Have also already discussed with friends who would be interested in coming too

Replying to



Excited for this! Is it a problem if we have to come solo though?

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