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Ready for Christmas?

Here are a list of our TOP 3 toys for your dog this Christmas that you can buy straight from the store!

Coming in at Number 3 is the: TUFFY TURKEY TOY!

Made to withstand the toughest of play sessions these toys are built to last and look the part too!

At a very respectable number 2: SPIN FEEDER BOWL BUNDLE!

This bundle gives your dog a bowl and ALL the SPIN accessories so they can be tested and made to work for their food. Making their meal times so much more enjoyable and interactive with all of these accessories makes them use their brain, nose and paws much like they would in the wild! Easily cleaned and the accessories can easily be interchanged!


This has kept my boys entertained for ages and truly is a very unique way to feed your dogs. It keeps them moving and thinking as they try to locate each of their biscuits that have been hidden in amongst the layers of fabric. Machine washable and super cute!

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