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Keeping your dog safe the Christmas

Foods for Fido

Christmas is a time for plenty of food and most of the time it is out most of the day!

Dogs cannot eat a lot of what we have at Christmas and will lead to heavy vet bills and Emergency Vet visits if you aren't careful.

Do not give:


-Mince Pies

-Yule Log

-Christmas Pudding

-Gravy (tend to have onions in which are poisonous to dogs)

-Brussel sprouts (in excess will give your dog stomach upset and gas)


-Tree Decorations (tinsel, baubles, hanging chocolates I have heard all the stories)


What to do to help:

-Take your dog on a nice long walk before everyone arrives, wear them out so when food comes out they will want to go and have a nap.

-Where possible don't leave food out where they may steal it

-Ask any kids you have over not to feed your dog anything, sometimes they just want to be nice but don't understand that what they are feeding could be poisonous.

-Get your dog/s a long lasting chew or a slow feeding toy/puzzle toy they may keep them entertained for the afternoon while you are busy in the kitchen or entertaining or around your families house

Check out my YouTube Channel for Leave it Training. This will help with alot of different things that your dog may wish to take and eat. Keeping them safe while you are busy entertaining is going to be a hard task so make it a little easier on yourself by following those tips above.

Have a lovely Christmas!

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