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Dogs should never eat human food - myth BUSTED

This is a myth that is very advantageous to dog food companies that claim that their formulated products are specifically designed to provide all the nutrients your dog needs for the rest of their lives. More and more, however, people are challenging this myth and finding that human-grade food is much more suitable for dogs and their health.

There are plenty of human foods that are just fine for dogs, including eggs and many kinds of meat, fruit, and vegetables.

Instead of eating kibble, they can eat a homemade recipe that is full of species-appropriate proteins and nutrients.

This myth is dangerous because kibble may not be the best option for your dog's health. It often contains filler that has no nutritional benefit, and major brands often have recalls after contamination from bacteria and chemicals.

The Dog Foods I sell on this website have only the best ingredients for your dogs. Doing homecooked meals for your dogs isn't always suitable for everyone and their schedules so a convenient alternative that is healthy and provides excellent nutrition is your best option!

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