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The relationship that I have built with my dogs means everything to me. They are my friends, my shadows, my jesters and my reasons behind all that I do in my life.

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My boy, Nyx, is my first dog. I worked all the hours I could to save the money I needed to pay for him and provide for him afterwards. We've spent every minute of every hour together. My goal with him was to take my dog training skills to a whole new level and we did that in spades. We competed and trained in:




Heelwork to music

Adventure Training

Nyx has taught me so much and I have learnt so much by being his partner. Now that he is getting older we are still learning together. I am researching new ways to keep him safe, happy and healthy and this is what led me to begin the nutrition research. I need to know I am able to look after my dogs throughout their lives and keep them as healthy as I possibly can. 

Together we have conquered some amazing feats like climbing Mount Snowdon, multiple charity runs and learning new skills with the adventure training.



Dog tricks

Dog product reviews

YouTube updated frequently!



Koda is my second dog. His character is infectious and always has me laughing. Everything I learned with Nyx, I applied to Koda's training, and we were off to an amazing start.

We stomped through puppy classes and went straight into:



Trick Training

Adventure Training

Ring Craft


I had managed to do a lot of things with Nyx, A LOT! But one section of the dog world I hadn't made it into yet was the Show world. So with Koda we set out and began showing. After his first ever show he qualified for CRUFTS 2020.  Then, after shows in 2021. we have qualified again in 2022!

Koda and Nyx continued to surprise me as we moved onto Adventure Training, which is applying normal obedience commands to Adventure Activities such as stand-up paddleboarding, Kayaking, River trekking for example.

I have even written my own book on these activities and how to begin Training your Adventure Dog!

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