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Teaching your dog to sit

When you're out and about, teaching your dog to sit will help to keep them secure. When approaching someone, before crossing a road, or while waiting in line, it might be used.

It is also a courteous behaviour that serves as an excellent foundation for a variety of other commands and tricks.

When teaching your dog to sit, follow these tips for good and bad behaviour.

Step one Stand in front of your pooch and show them you have a treat in your hand. Step two Move the treat from the end of your pup’s nose and over their head. Step three As their head follows the treat, their bottom should touch the floor. Mark and reward them when this happens. Step four Once your pooch has the hang of this, repeat the above steps but without the treat in your hand. Remember to still mark and then reward when they sit on the floor with a treat from your pocket instead.

Step five When your pup is reliably sitting, you can introduce your verbal cue. Say “sit”, then use your hand gesture. Mark when their bottom is on the floor and reward them. Step six Over time your pup will begin to sit as soon as they hear the word.

If your dog is taking some time to learn, don’t push their bottom down. Simply continue the above until they get the hang of it. Also, avoid saying “sit down” as they may get confused once you move onto the next cue. Now your pooch knows how to sit, why not teach them to lie down too and check out our top 10 tips to help ensure your training is a success.

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