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NEW RAW foods added!!

We have been working very, very hard to provide you and your dog with the BEST nutrition from the BEST companies around and finally they are starting to appear on my website!

Raw feeding is by the BEST way you can feed your dog! The most nutritious and balanced whilst also being entertaining and aiding in the dogs natural instincts.

Many owners see what a faff raw feeding can be and are immediately put off from feeding their dogs the best food. However a combination of biscuits and raw food toppers can ensure your dog is getting the best of both and you don't need to panic about a freezer full of dead things and de-frosting, health worries etc

By feeding a combination of biscuits like my SUPERFOOD range and any of the selection of RAW toppers like Chicken necks, Chicken Wing tips, Turkey hearts etc you can create an irresistible meal that can change and keep your dogs taste buds tingling for every meal!

Go and check out the new Raw Foods!

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