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FIREWORKS! - the noisy and extremely stressful time of year

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Assuming that Fireworks will start when it is dark PLEASE keep your dogs/cats inside where they are safe and sound. Loud bangs and high pitched whizzing noises can cause pets to panic/startle and run away.

Drown out the noise...

Prepare a place for your dog, have the TV/radio up louder than usual to drown out the background noise.


Close the curtains so they cannot see the flash of bright colours.


Give them a distraction, treat toys work a treat! Keeps my dogs entertained and they barely notice the fireworks. Take their dinner and put it into a Kong with some water, then freeze it. hours of entertainment!

Wear out your dog...

By giving them a long walk during the day they are more likely to take themselves off to bed when the Fireworks begin and you wont have any issues.

Ensure your dogs Microchip details are up to date...

Should the worst happen and your dog gets loose from your garden or runs away when you are walking them. The only way you will get your dog back safely is if your details on your dogs microchip are up date!

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