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The Hazards of Halloween don’t just stop with Fireworks:

1- extra sweets and chocolate around the house that is unsafe for dogs to eat 2- sugar-free sweets that contain xylitol

3- raisins and trail mixes become a home staple this time of year as a tasty snack 4- wrappers, either in the home or out on walks

5- candles and glow sticks

6- trick and treaters coming to the door

7- open doors

8- scary humans/kids dressed in costumes

9- putting pets in costumes

10- fires

11- fireworks

12- dark earlier in the evening

Make sure you get your dog walked earlier in the day to avoid walking in the dark and some of the hazards listed above, like trick and treaters in scary costumes.

If your dog is worried by the fireworks then try the Relaxx Supplement sold in the Online Shop. Link below: Stay safe

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