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RAWHIDE! - The chemical chew toy...

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Aside from the blindingly obvious issue of this ''chew'' being indigestible leading to intestinal, throat and stomach blockages. This ''chew'' is actually a by-product of the leather industry, NOT the food industry. The chemicals it takes to make this super unsafe chew is staggering.

The last FDA recall on Rawhide chews found a ''not approved'' chemical cleaning agent called Quaternary Ammonia (QAC's)

The process that the skin of the cow goes through to become a Rawhide chew is detailed in my YouTube video. Link below...

More recently scientists have also discovered a chemical that is used to whiten rawhides, ''titanium dioxide'' is a genotoxin and may damage your dogs DNA!!

I cannot believe that this treat is still available to buy and not been banned yet!


A safer alternative to rawhide would be ANY form of natural treats. Such as:

Rabbit ears

Pigs ears

Fish Skin

Pig Snouts

Duck Feet

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