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The end of summer has come, the leaves are changing and the air is just a little but chillier. This season although pretty has its problems for dogs that you need to watch out for:

Fallen fruit

Although not all fruit is a problem for dogs certain types are. For example apples are considered fine but the pips of an apple are considered poisonous to dogs. Plum fruit is considered fine but the stone is a choking hazard to dogs.

This time of year orchards begin to drop their fruit and it is all on the ground ripe and ready for the picking - the longer it remains on the floor it will begin to rot and ferment and attract bugs/insects/slugs and snails. This is also dangerous for dogs.


Conkers, Acorns, Fallen leaves can all be problematic to your dog. Exposure to acorns and conkers in dogs is common in the autumn and winter. The toxic ingredient is thought to be tannic acid, which can cause damage to the liver and kidneys. They are also a choke hazard and if swallowed in larger dogs a potential cause of intestinal blockage. Piles of leaves can develop bacteria and mould which is ingested can lead to health/digestive upsets.


With the weather being wetter these mushrooms can sprout pretty much anywhere and being bright colours dogs often want to investigate. Many mushrooms are safe but there are a few that are not and will cause serious problems if ingested.

Fireworks and Halloween

These events, although fun and exciting for humans, can be extremely traumatic for dogs and other animals. Loud noises and scary costumes can make anxious dogs even worse to the point they can run away from home or into traffic. If you are planning an event with fireworks please let the surrounding villages know of the date and time so they can prepare their animals. If you have an anxious pet start preparing them now with natural remedies and relaxing smells around the house.

We sell Anti-anxiety supplements called Relaxx in our supplements shop!

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