Our large breed recipes are nutritionally complete and balanced and come in a larger kibble size to promote chewing and prevent gorging or fast consumption of food, which could lead to bloating and digestive upset. The size and weight of large breed dogs can put more strain on their joints so we’ve added a combination of glucosamine, chondroitin & methylsulfonylmethane to support cartilage metabolism and help maintain healthy joints.

  •  50% Total Salmon & Trout - Rich in amino acids, vitamins & minerals, and low in fat. 
  • Min 26% Freshly Prepared Salmon & Trout - Responsibly sourced & highly digestible protein sources. 
  • Sweet Potato - An excellent alternative to grains, it is a complex carbohydrate high in B vitamins. 
  • Digestive Health - Pre-biotics MOS & FOS may help to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria and aid digestion.

Nutritionally balanced and packed with wholesome ingredients Large Breed Grain Free adult dry dog food with Salmon and Trout is cooked to perfection from a recipe containing no added wheat, beef, pork or dairy products. Ideal for moderate, active and working dogs.


Made with over 50% Salmon and Trout, a delicious source of protein. Added L-Camitine to help maintain a healthy weight and promote lean muscle development.


Prepared with no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Flawless Paws adult dry pet food is the wholesome answer to ensuring your dog’s daily diet is delicious, nutritionally balanced and full of wholesome ingredients to suit the most sensitive of canine stomachs.


                               Recommended Daily serving

Body Weight (kg)                                   Recommended grams per day (g)

           20                                                                                         240

           30                                                                                         325

           40                                                                                         415

           50                                                                                         480

           60                                                                                          575

           70                                                                                          620


             Recommended Daily serving for a Working Dog

Body Weight (kg)                                   Recommended grams per day (g)

           20                                                                                          300

           30                                                                                          410

           40                                                                                          510

           50                                                                                          600

           60                                                      &nb