Puppies require an appropriate high level of protein to support growth and development through this crucial phase in life. This is usually higher than an adult’s requirement as this is the fastest development phase within a dog’s lifetime. During this phase they also require an appropriate and controlled Calcium and Phosphorus level to ensure correct skeletal development, which is especially important for large breed puppies.

  •  60% Total Fish - Rich in amino acids, salmon, haddock & blue whiting are delicious sources of protein.
  • Joint Care Pack - To help support cartilage metabolism for the growth of healthy joints in puppies. 
  • Min 26% Freshly Prepared - Freshly Prepared Salmon, Haddock & Blue Whiting.
  • Added Omega 3 Supplement - To help support cognitive and visual development.


Nutritionally balanced and packed with wholesome ingredients Grain Free small breed Dry Puppy food is cooked to perfection from a recipe containing no wheat, beef, pork or dairy products. Ideal for moderate, active and working dogs.


A blend of high quality proteins and vegetables to provide balance and an introduction to some really nutritious ingredients. Rich in amino acids for growth and development. Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulphate and MSM to help with bone and cartilage development in their fastest growth phase.


Made with 100% natural ingredients, with no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


                                                 Recommended Servings per day (g)

Expected weight    2-6 months        6-9 months      9-12 months          12-15 months

of adult dog (kg)  

           10                           160-200            180-200            180-ADULT          Move to ADULT

           15                           190-230             210-230            210-ADULT          Move to ADULT

           20                           210-250                 250                   230-250              Move to ADULT

           25                           240-280                 280                   250-280             Move to ADULT

           35                          390-430            410-430              390-410                390-ADULT

           45                          470-510             510-530              510-530                 510-ADULT

Puppy - Grain FREE!Salmon with Haddock, Blue whiting, Sweet Potato and Asparagus

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