Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information about our services? Scroll below to review a collection of some of the most common questions people have asked us in the past. If you aren’t able to find what you’re looking for, please get in touch. We are here to help.

Frequently asked questions

Dog Food

When will I get my order?

As soon as payment has been recieved the order should ship and be with you between 1-3 days. Some Accessories may take longer as they may come in from China or America. This will be shown in the description for the product so that you are fully aware of the delivery timings.

Why should I change my dogs food to yours?

Take a look at the back of your current dogs food, find the ingredients. Is there 1, maybe 2 or 3 things that you cant pronounce or have no clue what they are or why they are even in your dogs food? That is the reason why you should switch over to Flawless Paws Dog Food. Every ingredient you will know what it is, you can pronounce all of them and all of them are explained as to why they are in the food in the first place! The ingredients I have carefully researched to be in the dog food are specifically chosen because of the health benefits that they can provide to your dog. All the foods I am selling are Grain Free which gets rid of all the extra bulking agents that dogs dont need and just leaves the stuff they do need.

Dog Training

How long does a 1-2-1 session take?

Depending on the issue I schedule the first session to be about an hour. This way I can assess the problem have a chat with you and give a few training techniques to help correct.

What classes do you run on Tuesday evenings?

Puppy class - 6:30pm until 7pm Obedience class - 7pm until 7:30pm Trick class - 7:30 until 8pm Puppy class is for those up to a year and Obedience/Trick class is for those over a year.

My dog is having issues at home, do you come out?

If a home consult is what you believe is needed then yes I will come to your house. However I only drive within a certain radius.

I have rescue dog, over a year old but not done much training. What class is best?

I would probably recommend Puppy class to start with and then work up to Obedience when you are ready. Puppy class is all very beginner type stuff and essential for rescues. Going straight into Obedience would be too hard.

Doggy Day Care

My dog isnt great with certain breed types, can he still come?

Well, depends on what you mean by ''isnt great''. If your dog is aggressive, shows teeth, raises hackles, barks etc then no. I ONLY allow dogs that i can trust with all my regulars. I am aware that certain breeds get others on ''guard'' but if a dog is well socialisd with a variety of dogs these issues wont arise. If your dog is merely worried by larger breeds but doesnt react in an aggressive manner then day care can help give your dog more confidence with a greater range of dog breeds.

How many dogs do you have in at one time?

So we are lucky enough to have 8 regular dogs that join us on Tuesday and Thursdays Some only come for half days and others are there all day.

Are you licensed?

Yes, Fully licensed

Are you Insured?

Yes, Fully Insured


How long is a swim session?

So this is dependent upon your dog, their fitness levels and their injury. you are booked in for an hour long session and within that hour, your dog is washed off before getting in the pool (if necessary) fitted with a bouyancy aid and then we go to the pool. I will be swimming your dog and giving them rests where I deem appropriate. If I feel your dog can only manage a 30 minute session in the pool before it becomes detrimental then at that point we will get your dog out, dried and on their way home. However if your dog can manage more then they can swim the whole hour.

Do I need a Vet Referral for a fun swim?

In theory no. Provided your dog is healthy and has no ailments (arthritis, recent operations) then a swim shouldnt be a problem. However if your dog has a health issue then I will need a Vet Referral otherwise a swim could exacerbate underlying issues and make things worse.

Do I need to bring anything?

I would suggest bringing a towel or dry coat/jacket to keep them warm after the swim session. When you turn up please keep your dog on a lead so that we dont lose time chasing after them.

Any extra charges?

Yes, should your dog have an accident in the pool there will be a £50 charge as i will need to cancel all future appointments for that day and empty the pool, then refill. Please ensure your dog doesnt eat anything at least an hour before your session and has plenty of oppertunities to go out to the loo.

Dog Grooming

Can I stay with my dog while they get groomed?

If there is a medical reason for your staying then, Yes, of course. However in general, we would say no because dogs tend to play up more when their owners are in the room, making things harder for the groomers. There are sofas to sit on in the waiting area or you can wait in your car just outside.

My dog isnt keen on the groomers, can you help?

For some it can be a stressful experience if they havent had the proper introductions. We try and help where we can to reduce stress on your dog by taking the time that they need, only having one dog in per groomer at a time and use positive reinforcement. For many dogs, getting their nails clipped can be the worst bit, but with time and patience many dogs come round to know that its not that bad.

My dog has sensitive skin, what shampoos do you use?

I have a range of shampoos that can help with sensitive skin conditions. Hypoallergenic shampoos and medicated. If you have a shampoo at home youd rather me use i can do that as well.

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