All I ever wanted to do through school was work with animals, dogs in particular. There is something about having a connection with an animal that is truly magical to me.

At University I created my dream and wrote it all down on the back of a napkin. The idea was to have everything under one roof. Dog training, grooming, hydrotherapy etc...

What I have managed to create is far better than I could have ever imagined. My clients are becoming friends and every day I wake up knowing that it was completely different to the day before and it won't be the same as tomorrow. 

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Under one WOOF!

I dreamt up Flawless Paws when I was at University studying for my degree in Animal Behavioural Science and Welfare BSc. One day I went to lunch and grabbed a napkin and wrote down everything I wanted to achieve. My plan was for owners and their dogs to have a place that they could go both in the world and online where everything they would ever need would be available to them, under one roof. 

I started with Dog Grooming, I trained and earned my qualifications whilst in the final year of my Animal behavioural science and Welfare Degree. I then got a qualification in Dog training with the APDT, and then my Hydrotherapy qualifications.

Everything I wanted to do to be able to help my own dogs with I went out and learned so that I, in turn, could help others.

Nyx and Koda

The reasons behind my business, and all my  qualifications, are my dogs. My boys keep me motivated to keep trying and learning.

There are so many different options to keeping your dogs as healthy as possible, inside and out. 

Nutrition is a great place to start and obviously the saying ''you are what you eat'' comes to mind. It is so true. 

Hydrotherapy is great all round exercise, able to target a huge range of big ticket organs and muscle groups which are so important to your dog's mobility and health. 

Then we have Grooming, keeping your dog's coat and skin in its' best condition, allowing them to thermoregulate properly and deal with temperature changes appropriately. 

Training is an obvious MUST for any dog owner, new or experienced. This allows you to start creating a relationship with your dog and a vocabulary which you and your dog understands. Trust is gained when you work with your dog and your bond strengthens the more you work together.

Training is my favourite area and I love working with my dogs and furthering our relationship and strengthening our bond and trust in one another.

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