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The ranges we have available for your cats...

Grab your bag today! (14).jpg
Grab your bag today! (14).jpg

Connoisseur Cat

The Elite Dry Food for Cats

These recipes have been specifically developed to provide a selection of high quality proteins in high percentages which becomes totally irresistible to cats. 

The recipes are suited to Kittens, Adults and neutered cats. 

Grain Free

Designed for those with sensitive stomachs

Completely Grain Free so you don't need to worry there! Just meat and Vegetables, no nasties added. These recipes have added taurine which promotes healthy heart and vision in your cat. Also added is yucca to reduce stool odours. 

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Super Premium

High quality Dry food for cats and kittens

The Super Premium range benefits from a variety of high quality and freshly prepared protein sources. The range provides a selection of recipes formulated to meet the specific needs of kitten to cats. Even reduce hairballs!


High quality Dry food for kittens

Kitten food is available in all of our ranges and is packed with all the essentials a growing hunter needs to be agile and strong. These recipes are all balanced and complete foods providing exactly what is necessary for your kitten

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Adult and Neutered Cats

All your cat needs

The recipes promote a healthy weight after being neutered by adding the L-carnitine into the mix. Low fat recipes aid in keeping weight off but still providing all the nutrients your cat needs. 


Older cats need a little bit of extra help

These recipes have added Joint Care, among other Supplements into the tasty recipe. This ensures your cat can keep moving and enjoying life while you know that they are being looked after from the inside out.

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