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What recipes we have for your dogs...


 RAW Dog and Cat Food!! 

Feed your pet the way they were meant to be fed!

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The Elite DRY dog food

Boasting major benefits from the Superfood blend that has been added to all in this range. With no lower than 65% of freshly prepared proteins, gently cooked to protect the valuable nutrients. Throughout the range it also includes naturally occurring collagen which helps maintain joints and skin. Also added is well known probiotics MOS and FOS to ensure your dogs digestion is in tip top condition. This food is as good as RAW but with the added convenience of a biscuit.

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Grain Free

No GRAINS added in our recipes!

These recipes are suitable for dogs with intolerances/sensitivities to grain based foods.

Grain isn't a necessity in dog foods and in many cheaper brands is adding as a bulking agent to make your dog feel full without gaining any nutritional benefit from it. Check out our recipes and see how good a dog food can be!

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Puppies require special nutrition to help them grow

Puppies need a specifically tailored diet to ensure that they receive all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals they require to grow as healthy as possible. A puppies requirement is higher than that of an adult as this is the fastest developmental phase within the dogs lifetime. During this joyous phase they require an appropriate and controlled Calcium and Phosphorous level to ensure correct skeletal development.


The largest selection of recipes

The Grain Free range is an extensive range of recipes and provides owners and dogs a huge range of choice for proteins and flavours that are sure to be irresistible 

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Large Breed

Large breeds require extra help to grow up healthy

Our large breed recipes are nutritionally balanced and complete meals and also come in larger biscuit sizes to suit the larger dog. This encourages chewing and prevents scoffing of food which can lead to bloat and/or stomach upset. Larger dogs put more strain on their joints so we added Joint care supplements to the recipe to support your dogs cartilage and maintain healthy joints.

Small Breed

Small breeds prefer small biscuits

Despite a smaller size, these breeds have a similar energy requirement to their larger relatives. That is why the same nutritional excellence is packed into these recipes to ensure your little dog achieves the benefits of all this amazing dog food has to offer and thrives. Small breed recipes also benefit from smaller biscuit sizes to suit daintier mouths.

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Light Recipes

For those watching their weight

The light recipe range has added L-carnitine which is derived from the amino acid Lysine. This promotes fat oxidation that helps to maintain healthy weight and lean muscle mass.

The recipes are 15% lower in fat compared to the standard adult recipes. As it is the calories which have been reduced your dog can still eat the normal amount of food. 

Senior Dogs

Older dogs need a bit of extra help

In the Senior recipes we have made sure to add Joint Support supplements to help keep them mobile and moving. They can continue to enjoy all the activities with you and their family whilst having their joints protected and maintained.

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