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Unleash Your Dogs Potential



This is a Brand new sport to the Uk which allows your dog to exhibit their natural chase instincts. Your dog will run a simple 100m dash as fast as they can after a lure.

other courses and games to be brought in later down the line

Can any dog do it?

Yes! while all breeds have a natural hunting and chasing instinct it is more down to the individual dog as to whether they will actually enjoy the sport. We try to be as inclusive as possible and allow all breeds to participate*

*All dogs will be inspected before a run to ensure in good health. Breeds that require a muzzle can do so

How do we get titles?

so, your dogs run is timed using laser timers. extremely accurate equipment that is set up on the start and finish lines. the time is then converted into mph (miles per hour) which is then transferred into points. you collect your dogs points to gain their titles!


where do we start?

we do fun runs in Rochester and Yalding. these are classes to help your dog with:

- starts

- endurance

- gaining speed

- safe stop

tournaments will be held every other month where dogs can begin to earn their points and titles!


So, do you think your dog is



In order to compete in Tournaments your Dog MUST be registered and have a Rapid Run Number (RR-0001)

Best Value

Rapid Run Registry



Every year

Allows your dog to compete in Tournaments across UK

Valid until canceled

Rapid Fun Run

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