The Lean muscle Builder + Dog and Cat Supplement is a nutritious pea protein blend with added food based ingredients. Contains a plant based sweetener. Lean Muscle Builder + Supplement is extremely beneficial to ALL dogs and cats, of all ages (over 24 weeks) regardless of size or breed. The fusion of all natural ingredients are all specifically selected to assist in the attainment of a superior physique, health and condition. Thorough research and testing have proven the Lean Muscle Builder + Supplement to be a highly effective formula which can deliver outstanding results whilst also nourishing and benefiting the body's vital systems and functions.


Ingredients Explained:


Cinnamon - Has anti-inflammatory properties, slows bacterial growth helping those that suffer with UTI or regular ear infections, It can also help older dogs and obese dogs fight the risk of contracting diabetes by regulating their blood sugar and raising their insulin resistance. Also added in to give your dogs a pleasant smelling breath


Spinach - This leafy green vegetable is loaded with nutritional benefits for both humans and dogs! Spinach contains Vitamins A, B, C and K as well as calcium, Iron, Fibre, Manganese, Folate and Potassium. It helps to boost the immune system, raise energy levels and vitality leaving your dog ready for anything. Its other known benefits are in cardiovascular (heart) health and helping to prevent cancer.


Chlorella - Is a powerful detoxifier and binds to toxins and removes them from your dogs body. Every day your dog is exposed to toxins, including heavy metals from vaccinations, processed foods, pollution, pesticides, Dioxins found in fish and dairy products and even neurotoxins found in water, food and pest preventatives (flea, tick treatments). Chlorella is also full of powerful antioxidants that aid in the repair of unstable cells called free radicals. Without antioxidants, free radicals can run riot and attack healthy cells leading to premature aging, brain degeneration, cataracts, heart disease even cancer.


Acai Berry - This tiny fruit is packed full of antioxidants known for their help against Free radicals. It boosts the immune system and allows the system to be more effective against infections. The berries are also very high in calcium which supports healthy bone function and growth, nerve function, muscle maintenance and function.


Dandelion Root - The dandelion root is a safe and reliable Liver tonic! The liver is the primary filtering organ for the body and responsible for removing all the excess toxins from the blood for elimination via the kidneys. Dandelion root also keeps blood sugar levels in check, lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Some other benefits include (but are not limited) to: ease digestive upsets, prevent UTI, aid in weight loss and prevent water weight gain.


Green Tea - Another helpful little leaf that is packed with antioxidants which aid in fighting those nasty free radicals and therefore helping in the battle to protect your dog against cancer. Enhances your dogs immune system helping them ward off infections and diseases without the need for a trip to the Vet. Also promotes a healthy gut and digestion and dental hygiene as well!


Alfalfa - This helpful little plant has an interesting alkalinising effect that helps balance overly acidic urine, which can cause irritation and or UTI issues in dogs. It also has enzymes and trace minerals which are amazing for the digestive tract and can improve appetite and eliminate gas problems.


Spirulina - Spirulina is a widely recognised superfood and the reason to add it to your dogs diet is for the excellent source of protein, B vitamins and essential fatty acids which boost your dogs immune system. 


Baobab - This fruit really packs a full nutritious punch. It can aid in the growth of healthy gut bacteria. It is also an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and strengthens nerves. It also provides natural sweetness to this mix making it all very tasty for your dog!

Lean Muscle Builder + Supplement 500g for Dogs and Cats

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