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Fun Swims

Fun swims are exactly what they say they are! FUN!

There is no strict routine or techniques used within the session so the dog can just enjoy their time.

If you want your dog to get a bit of extra exercise, or want them to learn how to swim and feel confident in the water, then this option is a great one for you!

You can watch and enjoy the session with your dog in comfort.

Fun swims DO NOT require a Vet Referral form.

However, if your dog has a Health Condition YOU MUST tell the Hydrotherapist before booking your session. They can then judge whether a Vet Referral is needed. 

Image by Oscar Sutton

Why Hydrotherapy?

Is hydrotherapy a good choice for your dog?

Hydrotherapy is a great non-weight bearing exercise that equally works all muscles throughout the body.

The warmth of the water is very important in any healing process. It provides pain relief and will improve blood circulation. This will help to relax the muscles and relieve any form of stiffness within the joints. Swimming in warm water will help to improve general fitness, cardiovascular stamina, muscle tone and will also help with the recovery from injury or surgery.


Hydrotherapy is especially helpful in the management of overweight dogs.

Swimming will help increase muscle building, improve range of movement and joint stability, whilst also improving cardiovascular fitness and mental wellbeing of your dog.

Hydrotherapy is beneficial post orthopaedic surgery. The buoyancy properties of water reduces the pressure on the limbs, so exercise can begin much earlier than on land. It's not just for dealing with muscle injury, it can also be very effective for neurological conditions especially when used alongside physiotherapy.

First Consultation – £50

Consult/Rehab swim – £32.50 (35 mins)

Block of 10 - £325

Puppy/Fun Swim – £30 (35 mins)

Block of 10 - £300

Rehab/fitness swim - £45 (1 hour)

Block of 10 swims – £450*

*Recommended for Rehabilitation cases

Vet Referral Form is below

Rehabilitation Swims

This option is for those that have been checked by the Vet and have been recommended Hydrotherapy as a form of rehabilitation. 

Hydrotherapy is an amazing alternative therapy and benefits ailments such as:



Hip dysplasia

Elbow Dysplasia

Decreased Range of Motion



For most dogs, even a short swim is challenging as a workout. Warm water also increases the circulation of blood to the muscles, increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients and flushing away waste products, leading to muscle relaxation and a reduction in pain and stiffness. 

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Helen and Lily

At 12 years old Lily's back legs were starting to give way and sea swimming was no longer an option for her. Flawless paws was recommended to us, and from the very first conversation over the phone, to the present day we have recieved 5 star treatment. From the off Alex supported Lily to make the most of her weekly sessions, which she loves. She arrives and leaves wagging her tail. Her swims are the highlight of her week. Her muscle tone has improved and maintained and at nearly 14, she has a quality of life she would otherwise not have maintained. Seeing my gorgeous girl, loving her time with Alex is the best thing ever.
Thank you Alex for giving Lily a new lease of life!

Cocker Spaniel

Laura and Gus

My dog, Gus, has very specific needs and while I have tried other hydro-therapists, Alex, is the one I have stuck with. His physical health and mobility have improved massively. She has adapted her techniques to ensure that Gus is comfortable and pushed to the best of his capabilities. She has even built up a relationship with Gus which means she can tailor sessions to him. I was even able to take him up the Pikes in the Lake District recently because of these improvements!

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Denise and Cocoa

We use Alex for Hydrotherapy for our dog Cocoa after sustaining a Cruciate ligament Injury. Alex is Great with Cocoa and very knowledgeable, Cocoa has progressed really well and the Hydrotherapy has definitely helped him regain strength and mobility. We would highly recommend Alex to anyone.